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Benches for Nethercott

When the children visit the farms, they often sit outside and enjoy the countryside with their friends. The benches at Nethercott House have been there for many years now and are in desperate need of replacement after so many young […]


Pasteuriser for Nethercott

Nethercott House has won funding for a new cheese room on the farm! Using milk from the dairy herd to make butter, yoghurt and cheeses which the children can then eat during their week and which will expand their knowledge […]


Buckets and Brooms for Nethercott

We are always in need of buckets and brooms at Nethercott, they are used daily by all the children for a multitude of different farm jobs, so are very often one of the first things that we need to replace. […]


Headcollars needed for Nethercott

The donkeys and ponies at Nethercott need some new headcollars – to get enough for all of them, it will cost £50, it would be fantastic if you felt you could donate towards the cost of these – to do […]


Chicken Feeders for Nethercott House

Nethercott’s chickens are in need of some new chicken feeders. The lovely chickens all have a brilliant life on the farm, with lovely hen houses, plenty of attention from the children and lots of space to run around in. The […]


Sheep Trough

Nethercott House sheep need a new sheep trough! If you would like to donate towards this project then the cost of a sheep trough is £30 and any help towards this would be very gratefully received by both Nethercott House, […]


Large bag of clay for Wick Court

When the children visit Wick Court they enjoy an outdoor arts and craft session making mini animals and sculptures from clay. We are always in need of clay to keep the session going, so if you would like to donate […]


Bowls for Wick Court

Each morning after letting the chickens out, collecting warm eggs and ensuring all the animals are fed, it’s time for the young farmers to sit down and enjoy breakfast – the most important meal of the day! We need some […]


Dinner plates for Wick Court

Meal times are one of the most important parts of the day for our young farmers. Three times a day, up to 38 children sit down and enjoy a wonderful feast of fresh farm produce that they have helped to harvest […]


Wheelbarrows for Wick Court

Wick Court needs some new wheelbarrows for the children. Wheelbarrows are a vital piece of equipment on the farm, children use them everyday for a multitude of tasks and their current batch won’t be up to the job for much […]


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