Leave a legacy

We understand that leaving a legacy is a very private and personal matter. Many people who regularly give to charity often choose to leave a legacy to their favourite causes. Legacies are a very important and valued income stream for smaller charities like ourselves, and they help us to sustain what we do and grow further.

If you are considering putting your personal affairs in order by writing or updating your will, the guide by ‘Remember a Charity’ is well written and answers many of the most commonly asked questions. The guide outlines how to leave a legacy to a charity while also ensuring you provide for your family and loved ones at the same time.
Once you have made your will you’ll have peace of mind that, should anything happen to you, your personal affairs and wishes will be properly taken care of.

Every November selected solicitors take part in ‘Make a Will Week’. You can go to them and have a will made for a suggested charity donation of around £100. For more information, including a list of participating solicitors in your area, visit Will Aid or call 01460 271178 and someone will help you find a solicitor who can help.

If you have any queries regarding the formal drawing up of your will you should contact your solicitor who will be able to offer professional legal advice.