Tractor Appeal

Antique Tractor at Nethercott House

Off to plough the great furrow in the sky

I’ve been in service now for too many a year:
The ‘great furrow in the sky’ is drawing near.
My time for ploughing the earth is done
But there’s no need to shed a tear.

Before I retire my rusted hulk, I’ll tell you why –
You can help the city children who cry,
“What will we do on a farm without a tractor?”
With your donation, a new one we can buy!

The ‘Best Christmas Present in the World’ for us this Christmas would be two ‘new’ tractors – one for Nethercott House and one for Lower Treginnis.

When you think of a farm, you think of a tractor. The tractors we have at present are old, ‘vintage’ even, Massey Ferguson 165s from the 1970s. Over the decades they’ve worked hard and now they’re finally ready to retire.

We urgently need to replace these tractors to ensure thousands more children can continue to have a true farming experience. We’ve launched a special Tractor Appeal: by the end of 2016, we aim to raise £40,000 to buy two second-hand, modern tractors. Will you help us reach our target and enable us to have tractors on the farm again?

Any support you can give would be very much appreciated and we’ll be sending all donors to this special Tractor Appeal a small, tractor-themed token of our appreciation.

Equally, if you know of any businesses or supporters who might be interested in donating a tractor (or two!), please do put us in touch as we would, of course, love to talk to them!

If you have any questions or would like to talk about this appeal, please contact Katie ( or 01392 276381).

You can follow this appeal on Twitter with #TractorAppeal, and donate today via JustGiving!

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