It is with great sadness we write to report the death of Audrey Brightwell.

Whenever we remember the inspirational teachers who brought their children to the farm in the early days, it is the name of Audrey Brightwell which stands out.

From 1977 and for ten years or more Audrey brought some of the most disadvantaged children to stay with us at Nethercott, often covering the costs out of her own pocket.

The visits from Burbage Primary School, Ivy Street, Hoxton, London were the most memorable, the funniest and at the same time, the most serious. While the farm provided the framework, with activities involving every child whatever their ability, Audrey and her devoted staff created an atmosphere of warmth and care, and above all, security, which the children needed so much.

Bless you Audrey, we are so proud to have known you.

Clare and Michael Morpurgo