In the course of a highly structured day, the children are divided into three work groups.

Our staff and the farmers provide at least four hours tuition and activities that involve the children and their teachers actively in the day-to-day running of the farms.

The children are encouraged to take full responsibility for the work they do, caring for the animals and the land. The experience stretches them physically, emotionally and intellectually in ways not possible in the classroom, building their confidence and nurturing a real sense of achievement.

Each of the farms are staffed by a combination of Farm School Manager or School Manager with a background in teaching and Farm Managers with responsibility for the farm work and outdoor environment. There are also cooks, housekeepers and domestic staff who provide a welcoming and caring atmosphere at each centre, and farm workers employed to work directly with the children outside.

Our small head office team, based in Exeter in Devon, provides support for the farms and has overall responsibility for charity fundraising, marketing, banking, book keeping, compliance, strategy and human resources.