We have recently launched a partnership with Eversfield Organic, a family run organic farm based on the outskirts of Dartmoor, to fundraise and enable more children to experience a week of muck and magic on one of our three farms.

Teaching sausage making

Eversfield Organic sharing their sausage-making techniques

To celebrate the partnership, Eversfield Organic has launched a new range of children’s favourite bangers via their online shop, with 5% from each pack sold coming directly to us. These organic pork sausages are made from organic rare breed pigs, bred and reared outdoor on lush Devon pasture. The fun-size sausages can be cooked in just five minutes, the perfect ingredient to get kids cooking at home!

Children making sausages

The children have a go at making their own sausages

The partnership was launched with a special sausage-making session at Nethercott House, in the new Food Preparation Room. Having spent the morning with the charity’s Large Black pigs, feeding them and learning about the cuts of the meat, Eversfield’s team showed the children from Whetstone Field Primary School from Walsall the tricks of the trade in making their Kids’ Bangers, using all natural sausage casings and a 95% pork sausage mix – a much meatier sausage than most and gluten-free! The children enjoyed making and twisting the sausages, making their own batch for lunch. The best question from the day was how many sausages the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk can eat? The children estimated it would be 20,000! The children tucked in to the sausages for lunch along with mash and gravy – delicious!

Eating sausages

Enjoying the fruits of their labour!