This year the Hatherleigh Festival are supporting Farms for City Children through auctioning off MDF sheep! Residents of Hatherleigh and the surrounding area painted, collaged and decorated MDF sheep which were displayed as part of Hatherleigh Festival in September.



The sheep were decorated to a very high standard, and the judges had a hard task of appointing the winners. The winners were: Santo Baa Tticelli, Ziggy Baa Dust, and Poppy. These sheep are now on display around Hatherleigh, including the Salar Gallery, Vet, Surgery and Visitor Information Centre.


The Salar Gallery are now accepting bids for each of these sheep, in advance of their auction on 10th December. The funds raised from the auction will be split between Farms for City Children and Hatherleigh Festival.  You can view the catalogue of sheep here.


Bids accepted either at the Salar Gallery, 20 Bridge Street, Hatherleigh (open Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10-1 & 2-5), you can call the Gallery to place your bid on 01837 810940, or you can email, with the subject: Sheep Ahoy! Bids. Please inclue your phone number, address, bid and which sheep you are bidding on. Advance bids are taken up to midday on 9 December.