Our Wish List

From wellies to weed matting, there are so many things around the farm that are used each and every day by visiting children, farm staff and or wonderful volunteers. You can support our farms by donating these items through our Amazon Wish List! You can take a look at a selection from our wish list below, or click here for the full list on Amazon.

Featured Items

Nethercott House

Farming all the way from dawn until dusk (and after!) is hard work, so the children enjoy making the most of their down time. Not only is this a chance to take a break but it’s also a key opportunity for children to bond with their peers and their teachers.

We have some really lovely indoor games that have been donated over the years, but we would also love some outdoor games for all the children to enjoy during sunny weather!

Lower Treginnis

Working with the poultry not only enables children to understand the production of eggs, but also gives them a chance to get hands on with the animals. Feeding, watering and cleaning out the poultry shows children how much is involved with caring for an animal. They are offered the opportunity to hold the hens and for many, this is their first time touching or holding an animal. Many overcome their fear of animals, which is a life-changing experience many children talk about after their visit.

Lower Treginnis incubate their poultry eggs in a large incubator that is unfortunately on its last legs! They are looking for a new large incubator so they can continue these wonderful experiences on the farm.

Buy here: Rcom Maru 190 Deluxe MAX

Rcom Maru 190 Deluxe MAX Incubator











Wick Court

For many of the children that visit our farms, it is their first time eating a home-cooked meal and sitting around the dinner table with others. Meal times are important to the farming week that our visiting children experience. They have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of their labour in a delicious home-cooked meal, sat around a dining table with their peers and teachers. For some children, this is a very special experience.

Wick Court are in need of 8 new wooden dining chairs, such as these shown below from Amazon.

Buy here: Lancaster Pair of Wooden Dining Chairs

Amazon Wooden Dining Chair