UNPLUG is all about spending one day away from your screens—whether that be your phone, your tablet, computer or your TV. You can do this any day you like during the month of October.

When children come to visit our farms, they spend the week without televisions, mobile phones, tablets—there are no screens at all. The children have the time and freedom to explore the outdoors, spend time together and learn new skills. We would love more children to experience time without their screens, and adults too!

What we’re asking is that you get your friends and family to sponsor your UNPLUG day, whether it is a weekday or a weekend day in October. Your sponsorship money will go towards subsidising the 3,200 children that visit us each year for a full week’s stay on a farm. You can find out how to get involved below!

Farms for City Children subsidise each child’s visit by at least £300. This is over half the true cost of a week’s stay. If you can raise £300, you will be securing funding for a child to have a full week of muck and magic on one of our three farms!

Our first school to take part have shared their UNPLUG experience with us! See what Shiplake College had to say about their screen-less day below:

“On the 6th October, over 400 students and nearly 100 staff from Shiplake College attempted to ‘switch off’ and attempt an entire day technology free.

This was a big challenge for everyone as staff had to abandon their PowerPoint presentations in favour for more traditional methods of teaching. Some teachers used this opportunity to explore outdoor learning, whilst lessons in MFL consisted of singing along to well-known French songs. The technology free day extended to our prep and study sessions, which required students to think beyond the convenience of the internet to research particular topics.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the ‘switch-off’ challenge was not finishing the school day to a full inbox of emails. All communication between staff and students had to be made in person!  Admittedly, we were not entirely successful and the requirement of electronic registers and data access meant that some exceptions had to be made throughout the day.

Overall, it was an enjoyable yet challenging experience that has taught us to rely less on technology and to speak more to each other in person. Let’s hope it continues.”

How to get involved:

  • Choose a day in October to UNPLUG.
  • Download the UNPLUG pack by clicking here.
  • Register online via our special UNPLUG JustGiving page and create your online fundraising page.
  • Ask your friends and family to sponsor you.
  • Enjoy taking part in the UNPLUG day!
  • Get in touch and let us know what you did on your UNPLUG day. You can email us at fundraising@farmsforcitychildren.org.
  • Collect any outstanding sponsorship money and send the funds raised to Farms for City Children either by the JustGiving page or a cheque sent to our head office in Exeter or by BACS to our bank account.
  • We will let you know how much the whole UNPLUG campaign has raised and the difference your sponsorship money has made to the lives of inner-city children.
  • Last but not least, thank you for supporting Farms for City Children!

If you decide to UNPLUG on a school day, encourage your friends to join in so that you are all away from your screens together for the day.

If you decide to UNPLUG at a weekend, encourage your family to join you and invite friends round.