The first big event in the 40th Anniversary calendar was the War Horse Gala in London, at the New London Theatre. On February 25th we invited nearly 1000 children from across London who had all been visiting farmers for a week to a very special performance of War Horse. They were joined by staff from all three farms, the team from Head Office, Trustees, long-time supporters and of course, Michael and Clare. The performance was absolutely fantastic – it was moving, electric and the Devonians in the audience were very impressed with the Devonshire twang of the London actors. The thing that will stick in everyone’s mind though was the visceral reaction of the children to the power of the drama on stage – the actors said ours was the most interactive and engaged audience they had ever played to!

After a wonderful performance and a standing ovation with so much clapping it made our hands sore, Michael came on stage and spoke about how the children were the real ‘heroes of the charity’, and how they are the proof that his and Clare’s idea to open a farm in deepest Devon for city children had really worked. Joey then joined Clare and Michael on stage for a final ‘Wey-up’ in what was the perfect end to an amazing event, and one which will live long in our collective memories.