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Farms for City Children is a charity enabling children from disadvantaged communities to experience the adventure of working together on our farms in the heart of the British countryside.

Children are immersed in a totally new world, far away from their everyday life. A world with birdsong, clear starry skies, fresh air, real food and plenty of mud. A world where you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste the possibility. It’s a profound experience that will stay with them for life.

This opportunity exists for children because of our amazing supporters. Thanks to them we can continue to brighten the lives of thousands of children each year.

What The Teachers Say

“In the past, children in the class had experienced friendship related issues and divides in the class. During the trip the children bonded and made friendships with lots of different children. Since returning, I have seen a huge improvement in their cohesion, as well as other staff commenting on their teamwork.”

St Peters, Hammersmith Lower Treginnis

“Our children would never have experienced the connections between themselves, the environment, their actions towards it and its impact upon them. This experience has connected the dots.”

Weston Mill, Plymouth Nethercott House

“The children have been able to experience farm life first-hand, which has deepened their understanding of farming and coastal communities. They can see where their food comes from, and how much hard work goes into growing and cultivating it. Being based on the farm has also enabled children to recall farming communities in their parents’ and grandparents’ home countries; this is something we didn’t foresee, and it enabled the children to draw interesting comparisons.”

Pembroke Dock Community School, Pembroke Dock Lower Treginnis

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