Farms for City Children exists to remove the barriers that prevent children and young people having meaningful access to the natural world. Through our food, farming, and nature-connected wellbeing offer, we strive to empower the next generation to experience the physical and mental health benefits of being in the countryside, and to see themselves as the custodians of our landscape for generations to come.

During an immersive five-day residential stay on one of our stunning heritage farms in Devon, Gloucestershire and Pembrokeshire, children and young people participate in seasonal farming tasks alongside experienced farm teams and partner Farmers.

A holistic offer of outdoor education activities, with a strong focus on climate and sustainability, plus the personal and social developments made through profound connections with classmates and accompanying adults, combines with the health and wellbeing benefits of sustained physical activity and consumption of nutritious, locally produced and home-cooked food grown and prepared by the children themselves. This results in a nurtured and empowered young person, ready to return to school and home with new grit, growth mindset and a set of valuable transferable life skills.

We want children and young people to feel a momentous connection to nature, a sense of their own social and moral responsibility to be stewards of our planet, and an emerging feeling of agency in visualising a future for themselves that involves remaining in contact with the countryside and nature beyond their visit.