What the Adults Say

“In the past, children in the class had experienced friendship related issues and divides in the class. During the trip the children bonded and made friendships with lots of different children. Since returning, I have seen a huge improvement in their cohesion, as well as other staff commenting on their teamwork.”

St Peters, Hammersmith , Lower Treginnis

“Our children would never have experienced the connections between themselves, the environment, their actions towards it and its impact upon them. This experience has connected the dots.”

Weston Mill, Plymouth, Nethercott House

“The young people had a fantastic time at Wick Court Farm, Gloucestershire with Farms for City Children. The young people had the chance to experience farm life firsthand, working on the farm and looking after the animals. For many of our young people, this is their first time on a farm and out of London. They had the chance to groom horses, feed calves, beekeeping, birdwatching, feeding chickens and turkeys, made their own pasties, wild lunch, sheep training, and so much more.”

AAA Zone, Newham, London, Wick Court

What the Children and Young People Say

“Usually in London there are trees, but out here is just a lot of nature to take in, bushes, hay, trees, it’s like opening a nice book and reading it, and every word has a big mouthful of wonderfulness.”

Year 5 Pupil, Goodrich Community Primary School, London, Nethercott House

“When I get home, I will be mature, I won’t be rude. I will always have my listening ears on. I won’t speak over my teachers. I will follow the rules. I will behave. If someone is struggling, I will help them.”

Year 6 Pupil, Cadoxton Primary School, The Vale of Glamorgan, Lower Treginnis
“After my visit I know I can cook apple crumble and not ruin it! I can extract honey from combs that bees made from scratch, and I can make my own bed without any help.”
Gloucestershire OWL Beneficiary School, Wick Court

Feedback on our Three Pledges

Increased Learning and Engagement

“The children have learned more on this visit than in a year in the classroom. They are fully engaged, and children who have complex needs have thrived.

I have been leading residential visits for 30 years and have visited many different places with groups of children. I have never been on a residential which has had such an amazing impact on the children.”

Head Teacher, Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool, February 2023, Lower Treginnis

Improved Connections and Wellbeing

“The collaborative tasks encouraged the children to work together and to support each other. They were nurtured by the farm staff and, as a result, many children had the confidence to push themselves out of their comfort zones and overcome their fears. We enjoyed seeing them work with different people within the year group, and we hope they take these newfound friendships back to school.”

Lead teacher, Charles Dickens Primary School, London, Wick Court

Enhanced Environmental Citizenship

“The staff were all so knowledgeable and passionate about the environment, the children came away with a great understanding of their place within the environment, and their responsibilities as citizens.”

Lead Teacher, Holton Primary School, The Vale of Glamorgan, Lower Treginnis